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My journey

Born near Lyon in 1998, I attended school up to the Bachelor's level in Literature. However, my love for coding began much earlier when, as a gamer, I started playing Minecraft and wanted to own my own server. To realize this project, I had to learn JAVA and start writing plugins. I still remember my very first "Hello World".

After school, eager to gain financial independence, I started working as soon as I could, taking on various side jobs. I even had the incredible opportunity to become an English teacher for children, which greatly improved my English skills. That's why I'm almost bilingual now. Unfortunately, it was only a temporary position, and I had to find a new path. That's when I started my own business as a designer, using Photoshop for private online clients (creating logos, banners, etc.).

The Covid pandemic made it harder to run my business, and I couldn't sustain myself with that job anymore. So, I decided to embark on a professional career change, initially as an accounting secretary. I really enjoyed the accounting part, but I felt like I wanted more responsibilities in my role. This is when I decided to redirect myself towards my dream job: becoming a web developer.

After undergoing surgery, I had a lot of free time and began learning coding on my own. I started with HTML, CSS, and a bit of PHP to create my own website and an old portfolio that now looks outdated. Later, I enrolled in a 3WA (Wild Code School) training program, and I'm currently in my fourth month. We have covered a wide range of topics including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and got a glimpse of VueJS. In the upcoming months, we'll delve deeper into these technologies, as well as React and Symfony. Now, I'm determined to find a company to hire me and prove my skills.

My skills

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I began learning HTML, CSS, and a bit of PHP on my own. Then, thanks to 3WA, I learned a lot more PHP, as well as JavaScript, React, and Symfony.